Yung Nation Lyrics

Yung Nation Shawty Wassup Lyrics

[Intro: B Reed]

Smellin like Dolce Gabana

I could probably hit ya baby mama

Blowin on a pound of marijuana

Presidential kush I’m talkin Obama

Keep a lot of guns I’m young Osama

And she give me brain, good honors

Fast and the furious, Brian O’Conner

[Hook: B Reed]

Oh I don’t give a damn about your man shawty wassup

Everyday we blow loud in this bitch

Muthafucka burn up

Game time shit I can fuck you bitch, by the buzzer

After the show hit the hotel no disturbance

We on the top floor, hotel suite, shawty look up

We can have sex, lets get drunk, do some kush ups

Shawty wassup

Shawty shawty wassup

Shawty wassup

Shawty shawty wassup

[Verse 1: Faime]

Blowing on a pound of that fruity

Ima young dog no scooby

I’m FINN make a Cinemax movie

Yo girl give me ass no cooties

I’m Tryna have relations with yo booty

Do u wanna be miss fooly I don’t spit lies everything truly

Girl do it feel wet feel gooey

Can I shoot it like a oozie

I lock up her up like a bad juvie

Beat the pussy up you gone sue me

When you want this dick Q me?

This a buffet no luby’s

In the bed room it get spooky

I go alot of miles like booby

Oh this right here too loud people take caution

He dont beef, he dont want plex we will be boxing

I got heat I got goons we got options

Move the party to the hotel naw we ain’t stopping


[Verse 2: B. Reed]

I can wreck n that pussy I got insurance

I ain’t worried bout your man cause I got endurance

And you can come ride this dick keep steerin

Im sick I need a doctor get to curin’

Wassup bro 2 bitches I got combos

Talkin cash we got bank rolls, liftin weights my pockets on swole

We winnin my team super bowl, when we shop its by truck load

Shawty shawty yung nupid hotties, hangin’ with me thats your hobby

Skurr off in a Masarati do a trick on a dick probably a ollie

Get money round the world bitch ain’t monoply

Hit the strip dont tip im payin property

Money talks you boys mockery, JV ass nigga im varsity

Oops didn’t shit on em pardon me

Kill the pussy on the telly dont charge me!