Where them bitches? Said they comin’ man

Crash that pussy, I’m a dummy man

Presidential, we republican

Hannah Montana my rubber band

Fuck that lil bitch by the boat

Hit my gas once and he choked

My clip so long like a throat

My clip so long like a throat

Hoppin’ on a black and white panda

Destination: to a dirty dancin’ dancer

I am the number one contender

[?] venom when I give her anaconda

Diamonds dancin’ like a motherfuckin prancer

Lookin’ crazy when I pull up on a zebra

Free gucci and shout out to my sativa

They smokin’ ground like a goddamn beaver

Beat a nigga, hit a nigga with a cleaver

Vegetarian bitch, I’m tryna meat her

Learn the bitch, dick a bitch up in the tele’

Pour the Henny, lookin’ like a pretty penny

Okay, so they pissed, R. Kelly

Keep my money tall, call me Wizard Kelly

100 bullets, spread ’em bullets like jelly

$ki done went and [?] in that bitch belly