XXXTENTACION I Wonder If Bloods Watch Blues Clues Lyrics


Patty cake, patty cake

Work my wrist like patty cake

Two white bitches like Mary Kate

Nigga want beef like patty cake, aye

Eat my dick like sirloin steak

Rape, bitch, that’s my fetish aye

I don’t speak your language, Rosetta

Only speak the language of lettuce

Patty cake, patty cake

You finna get some dick today

Drop a neck on me like a lynch bitch

Limp dick, put it on your daughter

She still caught a nut

Patty cake, patty cake

Nutted on your bitch like Johnny K

ATL pull up in roller skates

Work my tool like a vibrator, aye

[Craig Xen:]

Aye free my nigga X!

Aye, aye, yuh, yuh

Patty cake, patty cake

Pack your bitch if you ain’t got my pay

Left, right switched then I fixed your style

Banged a nigga’s bitch like a Kit Kat aye!

Patty cake, patty cake

Nigga want beef, I slice filet

Nigga got beef, I pull up on the street with an M16, that’s heavyweight

Patty cake, patty cake

Pull up on my nigga’s pay

Yeah they got a whole lotta marijuana

Hotbox a hundred like a motherfucking sauna

KK, better bring that ass on my face ASAP

Lemme get a taste, aye

Yuh, shake it on me, bitch make it clap

Patty cake nigga

Yeah shake that motherfuckin ass bitch

I’m saying bring my motherfucking money back on time bitch

Yeah free my nigga X dawg

Bring me back my motherfucking reg bitch I ain’t fucking around

Witcho patty cake lookin’ ass

Shake them cakes… Fuck nigga