I need you

Mili rock, I do not mili rock, on any block

Aye yuh aye

Yo’ bitch, said yo’ dick like waiting at a short bus, bus stop

I did not, beat my bitch

If I did she wouldn’t be able to tell that shit

Check it out, I got my new order on the living room

Real nigga, what it is

D Rose, sticks

Your baby got shit and you innocent

Bullet holes, ringin’

I made it out fucks independent

On my rock, Isaiah Thomas

My dick a rock like Dwayne Johnson

Me like to rock when we coppin’

I got a plug out in Compton

Hop out the do-do-do, I’m givin’ people the

Ask you get knocked the fuck out, Deebo

I gotta pee, I just might piss in her pussy or right in her mouth

Bitch you got aids, I don’t want nothin’ to do with you

What are you doin’? I am not movin’

I am not fuckin’ that bitch, she is not of the norm