XXXTENTACION Evil Morty Theme Remix Lyrics

Let’s… Let’s keep it [?]

Niggas at the top of the industry right now

Everybody’s tryna sound like me

Everybody. Literally

Every single person that-that jumps into music, they’re like “alright how do i sound like this. This is the sound I want.” You know what I’m saying?

I came up literally trying to… to change that, and I felt like it was the most innovative thing i could have done for my generation. I’m not gon say I’m-I’m some super, super mastermind, but as far as like music-wise…

[Joker:] Hello beautiful… You are beautiful

[Batman:] Let her go


[?] a million people, and still be alone

I know what that felt like, I knew what that felt like. Being on the verge of ending it all

[Joker:] C’mon, I want you to hit me. Hit me! HIT ME! AHHH!

Does it depress you Commissioner? To know just how alone

You really are?

[Commissioner Gordon:] I’m gonna need a cup of coffee