Fuck nigga

All is an enemy

Dark is a friend of me

I tend to nut on the face of my enemies

Rather be dead than migrate my vicitiny

Did fight that pussy, bitch

We call that frenemies

Dark abyss, cold night

Cracked skull with a cold pipe

Pussy nigga, show no fright

Oh shit, not a goat right?

X so cold, Aye

Bitch so cold

Wrist dont froze

Bitch, don’t fold

Fuck nigga choke

That pistol fuckin’ blow

A ratchet with the stick

My niggas at your throat

I’m fuck nigga paid

Take your work and flex

Runnin’ up a check

I rob, received a net

My bitch suck water to your set

To from you for the sex

But then she ducked that fucking dick, boy

She finessed you for your check

You talkin’ all that fuckin’ shit

You wasn’t bout’ it

I snatch up Lily

Take a pic of that bitch sucking

Four deep, bed sheets

Skeet stains on her knees

I make your bitch recite a script

Just like she makin’ a movie