Wolf Alice Lyrics

Wolf Alice Sky Musings Lyrics

How high do planes fly?

40.000 feet in the sky’s how high

Is it the pressure ’cause I’m outa my mind

I compress like a rocketship making me high

And these night time

Plane movies are prompting sky musings

Life seems so confusing

Fear inducing

Tears producing

Maybe it’s this mini wine

Maybe it’s the storyline

Two, beautiful, in love on the night of their lives

Never meet again ’til he’s married has a wife

And now I think of all the people I’ve cared for

Did love pass me by when I had feelings I was scared of?

Cause I feel so

When I should feel

I feel so

When I should feel

Stupid films for a stupid girl

Look out of your window you’re on top of the world

23 years old and you’re acting like it’s over

Only over if we crash

Hit the ground down below

As if we’d crash

If we crash

Imagine that

If we crash

I don’t want to land no more

Sink my feet into the sand no more

I’ll float forever in the interim

No place in particular

Might sink or swim

Just fly

I don’t understand no more

I had life figured out before

Will my head stay up in the clouds

When they open those dark and heavy metallic doors?

20 minutes before we’re back on the ground

No keep this thing going turn this fucking thing around

Ma’am you need to wear your safety belt

Well, wring it around my neck maybe that will help

I’m sorry

I lost myself for a minute

Could I have a glass of water?


Is that you?

I guess I’m closer up here

I could really use some help

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

New phase…