Unleash the archers no more heroes lyrics

They who hope for a savior
And stand idly by waiting for aid...
Will never rise above this merciless fate
Handed out to them deemed unworthy
Lowly pawn, move only when I say

Sheltered by ignorance, culled by naiveté
Cancerous words they all say, just get caught in the way

No more heroes, no more heroes
No more saviors, no more saviors
Waiting on you, you're all alone, so hopelessly

Now we know the story
Of how they keep us blind to all they do
Drive us down underwater
Drown our hopes
Make us believe we're nothing without them

There's no standing in our way
Complete supremacy
Like puppets on a string
If you think you can remain
When all others have failed
Stand back and watch us reign


Refuse me
Consequence will be your own undoing
Regret will permeate your soul
Exile yourself

Who are you to challenge us?
No one, just turn the other way
Go ahead I guarantee you'll fall
Not this time the game has changed
You think that you're special, you're not
You don't define us anymore
Just try your best to set yourself apart
We already are