Unleash the archers hail of the tide lyrics

Our vessel navigates over the ocean
Forcing its way through the waves
The wind has no command here, no
Hearts fiending for our destination
Searching the skies to the west
For signs of fair weather

Gone are all reflections on burdens
Left far beyond these sweet shores

Hey! Follow the sails, follow the wake, follow the blazing stars
Hey! Follow the wind, follow the fates, follow your heart

Seek passage safely through reefs to the harbor
Mooring the ship in the bay
The lights that welcome us burn bright
No words can express our elation
Oh how it’s good to be home, back in this town again

Gone are all the memories of hardships
Endured whilst roaming the seas


Long are the days spent away from this anchorage
Legends are all that remain when we depart again