Unleash the archers frozen steel lyrics

Beyond the tundra and past the sea
A people have risen tall
Soaring past the barriers
that their kind have faced
And driving them on
A strength that can’t be stilled
Tales have been told
of how they won their home

Warriors, ungodly worshipers of cold
Warriors, of ice and snow
Warriors, the frozen north is where they ride
Warriors, of ice and snow, of ice and snow

Fight for what you believe, no one can take
that which can not be held by the hand
Honor and faith, the strongest armor
Cry across distant hills
Stand with your brothers in metal against tyranny
Swords in the air; rise and vanquish

Braving the northern winds
To be on the front lines
As soldiers unite, to carry the torch

[Chorus 2x]

Frozen north they roam
Warriors of the ice and snow
Of the ice and snow