Ugly God XXL Freshman 2017 – Ugly God Freestyle Lyrics

It’s the Booty Gang captain, talkin shit to me is history

I hit your crib malicious, charge your bitch just for an entrance fee

Ugly God finesse the booty live on MTV and slide up in your bitch just like a missing piece

XXL got me acting wild

Now why the fuck you dusty bitches smokin Black and Milds?

Actin childish, just give it a rest, I get in her breast easy

Splash on your main bitch and then give her my next CD

I came up off of water like Dasani and Fiji

And I might fuck your main bitch, boy, you just gotta believe me

Young Obama, bitch, I kick it with your bitch in Tahiti

And I’ll be beatin’ my meat until they impeach me

Slayin’ booty since day one, you can’t question that

Made my own beats and made some moves and wrote some extra raps

And all the hoes be sayin’ that young Ugly God the best at that

So suck my dick on soft and never text me back