Ugly God Intro Lyrics

I spent that check on my neck

I got yo bitch drippin’, she wet (drip, splash)

Nigga please don’t disrespect

My niggas they grippin them TEC’s

I pull up and pick up that check

I go to yo crib put my dick in yo sister

Yo bitch on my line, I pull up and I drill her

Don’t DM me nigga, don’t hit me on twitter

I am the G.O.A.T., admit it (yea)

I fuck on yo bitch cus she with it (yea)

Them niggas so broke I don’t get it (the fuck)

I need me a milli let’s get it

I always say I need a milli

I probably won’t stop ’til I cop me a milli

When I touch a milli, I cop me a bentley

So let me stack up cus my pockets look empty

You niggas and bitches irrelevant (bitch)

I need me that check I pay hella rent (cash)

My pockets thicker than an elephant (yea)

I do this rap shit for the hell of it

Twenty-sixteen yes I need to be president

Bitch I’m the shit, I came up and that’s evident

Don’t call me bro, nigga we are not relatives

Bitch, you niggas is snakes (yuh, snakes)

These bitches is fake (yuh, fake)

I see that you hate (yuh)

I count up this cake (count up this cash)

You savin’ these hoes lil nigga (damn)

I cannot relate (can’t relate)

But get you a cape

Say hey to my tape

Yuh, damn