Ugly God I’m A Nasty Hoe Lyrics

Young Ugly God man, came in nigga you already know I’m a nasty hoe

This song bruh, everybody make love to this song

If you gotta girlfriend, boyfriend listen to this song and make love nigga, y’all ain’t gone never break up

I’m a nasty hoe…

I made yo bitch say “uh”

I put my hand on her butt

She said, “Royce I’m on my period.”

I said, “I don’t give no fuck!”

All I said is “I’m Ugly God”

Now her pussy wet like a duck

Take advantage of me bitch I wanna be yo slut

Face, Titties, Booty, and Toes

What I’m eating for lunch

Sit upon my face baby, I ain’t vagina in months

Imma dip your titties in Koolaid baby watch how I lick it up

Imma gamble witcha’ booty baby, lemme try my luck

I’m a nasty hoe…

I’m a nasty hoe [x15]

Ugly God A.K.A. Nigga Too Nasty

Come here baby put your phone number in my gadget

“Little Dick Clique”, until they lay me in a casket

Young Ugly God toss yo booty like a salad

Same shoes everyday but bitch I’m still swaggin’

Motherfuck yo fashion, I could win a beauty pageant

Ugly God a legend, take notes in yo tablet

I’m ugly as the fuck, but bitch I’m still a coochie magnet

37 booties in my face, boy what’s happenin’

TV screen, shawty on the scene like a actress

My hair on point but my clothes stay ratchet

Young Ugly God, bitch my dick game disastrous

I’m a nasty hoe…

I’m a nasty hoe [x15]