Turnover Solitude Lyrics

Tired of driving through the night

Stinging eyes and my knuckles clenched to white

And it’s still snowing outside

It hurts to think of all I’ve had

And all the pain that I’ve caused with these hands

And how I want it back

Oh God can you tell me why

I can’t shake these thoughts that haunt my mind

It’s killing me inside

Surrounded by December cold

There really is no other place like home

No other place I’d go

I remember when nights just like this one tonight

I’d spend with you and I’d feel alive

I’d love to spend them by your side

Just the two of us alone in time

I still remember how you’d laugh

And how it felt when I held your hand

They’re cancerous these memories

They’re breaking me like a disease

Solitude, I’ll be alone

Can’t ever go back, won’t go back home

So I’ll wait here until my last breath

And breathe relief as it slowly leaves my chest