Turnover Cutting My Fingers Off Lyrics

I found a picture that we took when we brought in the new year,

it’s hard to see but I remember.

You wore a cocktail dress ignored the goosebumps on your neck

the name sake of your outfit to keep you warm.

You always said that every thought I had was geometric,

I couldn’t think outside my own lines.

I hope you’re alright, and I’m sorry that I wasted your time,

never had the intention to make you go.

To make you go,

To make you go, to make you go, I never wanted to make you go,

you might be a stranger now and I just wanted to let you know

that I meant what I said.

And every dream I’ve ever had has been of myself,

And every dream I’ve ever had’s been of

better view with a ten month summer,

losing you is like cutting my fingers off.

And even with that summer,

without you I’d rather cut my fingers off.