Trippie Redd 6 Kiss Lyrics

(I love Trippie Redd)

Ohh, ohh

Pourin’ up fours, mud in my cup

Won’t look at the past, it’s behind us

Falling in a bottomless pit, find us

Life is a purge, sound all the sirens

Do whatever I want, don’t give a fuck, live my life, uh

I got yo’ wife, she me slut, she take the night o-o-o-off?

And I don’t walk shit at all, I’m on a money run

I don’t got no ops, they stay inside ’cause they scared of my guns

Your bitch say she want a real one, I told her come and find one

It’s funny how you pussy but you never been inside one

Aye, these dumb ass virgin ass niggas man

They run when they see the gun in my hand

Bullets like Twitter, they follow them

Unload my kids she swallowed them, oh

Yeah, she swallowed them

Boy, your chain ain’t solid gold your jeweler finessed, he hollowed them

You niggas say they with’ it, uh, we gon’ Harry Potter him

Make that lil’ bitch disappear got VVS’ in my ear

Oh-oh-oh a chandelier, aye, shinin’ on your bitch, we fleek

These hoes wanna fuck ’cause I’m so freaky deaky and your bitch gon’ eat me

You know that we killin’ these fuck niggas, hell nah

Ain’t no throwing a wife like hell nah

Pussy boy, we don’t buy that, pussy niggas pull up on them and bite that, uh

130 K on a Cuban Link, aye

Shawty wanna fuck, suck the dick, and be my bae, aye

Chillin’ on that couch, fuck yo bitch in her mouth

Catch a nigga slippin’ put it in his fucking house, Slatt

I ain’t with the talkin’, I ain’t with the talkin’

We did pay for the funeral, put the pussy nigga in the coffin

He red, nigga say he bleeding, he red, he red

I’m killing everybody instead, yeah

It be so cold up in the summertime, in the summertime

Diamonds on my fingers, baby blue, they look like Mega Man

I don’t know reality, bitch, I feel like Coraline

And we from the Northside, pull up, Optimus Prime

I don’t wanna miss life, yeah

Promise it feel better taking his life

Yeah, Codeine when I piss right

‘Cause we live that fucking triple six life

Yeah, that 6 kiss life

Murder what it is, murder what it is, yeah, murder what it is, uh

I’ma catch a murder in this bitch, that’s for certain in this bitch

Close the curtains in this bitch, uh, yeah

Uh, it’s a living hell and we living here

I’m from there, living hell, I’m from there, I live in hell, I’m from there, yeah, gang