Trippie Redd 2014 Freestyle Lyrics

Feral, baby

Let’s get it, who?

We don’t mess with these lames

We’ll be flying like Haitian

All my boys hungry

We just dyin’ to taste it

We don’t play no game

Don’t accept new faces

You got a problem with that?

Your lifeline [?] shoelaces, uncovering basics, we got

Masking our faces

Cash money waste


Face it, your whole rap style so basic


Dark knight when they see me, yeah they got me on the team

Looking for the problem and the problem it was me

Gotta run a hunnit goons it’ll drop you to your sleep

Tell him you was talking he gone pop you like a spring

I could tell the money talk cause I’m always speaking

Got a couple niggas said I wasn’t hot so now I’m steamin’

Came up, it’s impossible to stop him off [?]

So I [?]

Y’all ain’t got no meaning, you not [?]

No armies is freezing, no armies is trees

You fall back, I’m leaning, you niggas can’t see me

Like this is the season

You get payed a lot, but I get paid more

Get you clothes in K-mart

I’m getting money ‘fore the day start

O-B-E-Y get ready for the Trademark, Trademark

Ready for the Trademark

Get ready for the Trademark

I’m getting money ‘fore the day start

O-B-E-Y get ready for the Trademark

Get em, I got em [?]

Smacked in in they back

Click clack c-confirm this pass for a sack

So you know for a fact I’m affiliated with apple so I gotta keep a mac

Rolls Royce, that Rolls Royce, your whole team make no noise

That 9 poke your stomach boy, no laughing either no jokes boy, uh

But it’s cool, your girl don’t wanna talk

She don’t like to pick and choose, so you came here with your clique poppin’ bottles in the VIP

But I ain’t ever seen a VIP that was full of all dudes, hmm

But that’s enough for you, I like a lightskin girl with a lot of tattoo’s

And she gotta be thick with the big ol’ hips, put some honey on her chest when I winnie-that-pooh

And yes I’m a dog nigga kinda like snoop, so yeah I’m a lion

So homie why you lyin’? I done did research

I done heard conversations about your crew, you ain’t really that cool

Turn down for what? Nigga

Turn down for what?

Get em