Toby Lightman Take My Hand Lyrics

There are days when your nights are long, you don’t belong, and your hands are tied up

There are times when down and out, you scream and shout cause your tears are dried up

you don’t know why, no you don’t know why

when you feel like feeling, but you can’t feel anything, cause your soul gone left you

so you steal what you can’t find in your life anywhere cause the world’s out to get you

you don’t know why, no you don’t know why


Take my hand, I’ll lead you home

When you can’t see where the road leads

Take my hand, you’re gonna be ok

Cause tomorrow is another day, another day

I can tell you about the times I’ve had, when bad was bad, and all I was, was broken

When you saw me sinking low, don’t you know, it was your hand I was holding

you pulled me through, when I needed you


Cause tomorrow

Is another day

You’re gonna be fine

You know you’re gonna be fine

It’s all gonna be alright