Toby Lightman Overflowing Lyrics

Trying hard to swallow this pill

Maybe then I’ll be able to feel

I can do it, I know I will

Trying hard to make it go down

Always manage to slip and slide

Always taking a carpet ride

Always wanted to look not hide

Cause I never want to be found

until I take a look around

They think I’m a waste of time

They think I’m lost and that’s fine

They call me crazy while they’re holding me down

But I’m overflowing and I’m gonna get it out

Maybe I can walk on the sun

Maybe I’ll be the only one

Man I just want to have some fun

Cause baby I’m born to roam

They can try to turn off the light

But they better expect a fight

They can try with all their might

But I’m never gonna go home,

So please leave me alone

It’s taken all my life, it’s taken all this time

And only I know why

Gotta make a plan gotta take a stand,

tell them who I am

So I can breathe this morning