Toby Lightman One Day Lyrics


One day

We’ll be one

One day

We’ll be one

Imagine a world where everyone’s the same

Same height, same hair, same thoughts, same things to care, about

Would that make the world more beautiful, no, no

Would it stop the wars, would it teach us more, about life


Imagine a world where there was one belief

To love one another, be thankful for what we’re, given

What if trust was floating in the air, everywhere

For the people to feel, would the leaders steal it again


Feel it in your soul

Say what you wanna say

Don’t be blind to the world

Don’t you look the other way

Cause we’re running out of time

There’s too much to be done

will it be on your mind

when a billion turns to one, one day

I don’t wanna be

Just wasting away

Without nothing to day

Not another day

Goes by, when I don’t

Imagine a world

Where trust would float up in the air

Think we all could use

Something to believe

An Idea to conceive

What a world, we’d be

Gotta understand

Give it all that I am

Gotta know that I can