Toby Lightman Love Is All Around Lyrics

The look in his eyes

Tells me, just how I oughta look at the world

So innocent, so easy to print on the face of paper doll

While holding his hand

Shows me, fair skin, now I know what’s really happening

With all of the trees, and all of their leaves, they’ll never look the same again


Cause I, I know that

Love is all around

The dream on his face

Let’s me know the stars glow

even when the light doesn’t show

the difference between, who’s nice and who’s mean

well we don’t really care for them

While, I was walking a fine line, on my time

stubborn cause that’s what my sign tells me

I can be, then he found me, I’ll never be the same again


Eyes, Look at the world

For the first time

Through his blue