Toby Lightman Fairweather Boyfriend Lyrics

Am I just a flame in your fire

That only keeps you warm when you desire, it

Am I just a fool in the end

Someone that you know you can depend on

Am I just a photo in a frame

Waiting on you to look my way

say it ain’t so, but everybody knows

you’ve always been cold as a fair weather boyfriend

Oh, It’s three o’clock in the morning, my cell phone’s pouring your number

You’re calling, you wanna come over

Am I your, one and only, or is it that you’re feeling lonely

Ain’t playing red rover, so stop coming me over

But, It’s so hard to say no to you

Boy, if I only knew

Oh, It’s six o’clock in the morning, and I’m crying on your cold shoulder

Is it easy, to love me then leave me

Oh, so you turn off the night with a switch of the light, it’s blinding

I’m always, always finding

It’s so hard, wo, it’s so hard

And I know you know

That, I fall apart, every time

And I know you know