Tiny Moving Parts Weather Too Unbearable For This Bear To Bare Lyrics

Changes, well everything changes

With weather too unbearable for this bear to bare.

Kiss my lips, and fly them to a final wish

‘Just to live like our ancestors did’

I will never swim again

Nothing will occur to me as another salty ocean.

By the trees

The spotlight shines on everything I ever needed.

So impressed

The beautiful eyes built in her head.

I found my answer in a pale white sweater.

Well ma’am I’m sure you’ve heard the news

I know deep down your bummed and bruised

So grabbed these and let’s make some plans,

Romance romance romance.

We’ll start to breed, we’ll share our genes

We’ll start this loving family

Now pack your bags and let’s make our way

We’re moving to Antarctica.

We’re just lonely polar bears

And oh dear god we’re so sick

We’re getting fucked like dinosaurs

And it doesn’t take a scientist

To help us, dear god we need this now,

I’m scared I’ll let all my cubs down.