Tiny Moving Parts Sundress Lyrics

Sundresses decorate the cabin

You look so beautiful tonight

Everyone is so beautiful tonight

Grab my hand

Let’s dance like we used to in high school

These are the golden years

Let’s spend them holding beers

One hand on the can

One hand in your hand

That’s my idea of romance

I love you, at least I used to

I love you, at least I used to

Don’t be nervous my love

Just follow your heart strings

I hope they tug to the rhythm of the beat like mine do to me


They decorate the living room like a neon stage

At the happiest place in the world

Until the lights turn off

And I wake up

I’ll row my boat a million miles west

Just to brave this rapid current

And meet you up ahead

Separation is a test that I have questioned

On behalf of what risks are worth taking

And what mistakes I can subtract

From this equation

I can’t pretend

I’m too god damn desperate

Just promise me tomorrow

We won’t regret this

The irony of dehydrating along the sea

I miss you

That will never change