Tiny Moving Parts Along The Lakeside Lyrics

Be grateful of what you got

Well I am not

Here I am, locked myself in the basement

Smashing spiders up against my wall

I am creating amazing science experiments with jealously

They have far more feet than what I could ever fill

I will cut my lips on a Minnesota license plate

Just to draw you in, just to let you know the route to my vein

Prepare for your first winter!

Throw on your coat and hope for months of snow

This bliss (This bliss)

This bliss is far too bold

For this (For this)

For this heart to hold alone

I’m on my own and I’m still scared

So scared

Throwing up no throw up

Because dry heaving in the new black

Well my throat’s a desert

As I see my words

Clogging up the bath tub

With each and every letter that I should have said

That I should ever said

Combined to make perfect sense

I’m wide awake and it is past my bedtime

I’m busy flipping nickels and dimes in the wishing well along the lakeside

And I will be brave all summer long because I got guts