Tinashe Thug Cry Lyrics

Let me be the one to put your love on speed

Let me feng shui your shit

It tastes way better when you don’t think you need it

Bet you ain’t never felt 3 am feel like this like the, no

Like the moons collided diamonds baby can we score


There’s something ’bout you

Baby we got to

Give it all that we got for the moment


I can make a thug cry, tonight

Watch me make a thug cry, tonight

Cause that’s how true love is supposed to be ain’t it

When it feels so good it shakes all your belief, baby

I can make thug cry, tonight

I can make a thug cry, tonight

Let me turn your pain into a kiss, yeah

Baby I can handle it

Baby won’t you sip on this here

Go on and relax, we can lay back

Like the moons collided diamonds, baby can we soar



You think ya a gangsta

But don’t even play

Cause at the end of the day

And when I’m calling you my bae

Ain’t that right

You’re all mine

You acting so gangsta

Ya swear that ya hot

But I got you wrapped around my finger

Yeah you be thinking a lot

You’re all mine

Ain’t that right

There’s something about you

Baby we got to get lost in the moment

You and me only

Thug cry, tonight

Can you hear the thug cry tonight

Oh, tonight