Thomas sanders ultimate storytime lyrics

It's the moment I know you've planned for
The hour is finally here
A musical that you have to stand for
Excuse me while I disappear
Analytics indicated we should have an opening number
At the top of our little play
So we wrote an opening number
To match the flow of our jampacked show
That's sure to blow you away

It's the ultimate
Yeah it's the best that ever was
Though you might not believe it meets the title but yes it does
It's number one
Yeah it's incomparably great
So sit back relax just wait
It's story time

We're prepared to tell you a story
The likes of which you've never seen
Well sprinkle in a couple of subplots
With some songs layered in between

It's sort of about self-expression
And freedom to be who you are
But don't get the wrong impression
Its mostly jokes from jokesy folks
And lots and lots and lots of rhymes

It's the ultimate
The best that one could ever be
Better than the things online
On vine potentially
It's the maximum
Yeah it's the best that ever was
And you better believe because
It's story time

Down from the ground up to the sky
It's like a metaphor except for when it's not
As long as nothing goes awry
Then you're in store for more than you could hope
So buckle your seatbelt strap on in

That has got nothing to do with the song I just want to be safe while driving

So we can let this music call begin!

It's the ultimate
Yeah it's the cream of the crop
And we're here to make sure that the fun is nonstop
Its number one as far as storytimes go
So let's get it in full swing
It's story time
Now it's your turn to sing
It's story time
Sit back relax just wait
It's story time, yeah...