Thomas sanders lies lyrics

I'll cut out carbs to lose some weight (that's a lie)
I won't go to bed so late (lie!)
I won't be so shy to date (lie)
I won't do so much riffing (lieeeeee)
I will go to the gym and get real strong (lie!)
All my work I won't prolong (hah! lie)
I'll stick to goals the whole year-long (another lie!)
I won't sing so many Disney songs (you're kidding, right?)

Let's face the facts and come to terms, it's time to realize.
These goals are only merely hope we quickly leave behind. They're lies, lies, lies, lie, lieeeeees

(Give it up. Resolutions are nothing more than empty promises to yourself. Shouldn't even try.)

(Okay, maybe thinking big like that is not the way to go, but resolutions don't have to be big. They can be reasonable)

I could cook a meal or four (true..)
Keep my clothes neater in my drawer (true)
Improve my credit score (so true)
Tell my loved ones that I love them more (that's cute!)
There's a book I've meant to read.. (true)
Do my best to do good deeds (true!)
Take the time for me I need (too true!)
Follow less and take a lead!

Don't kid yourself, you know your year can't be that sublime

You may be right, but I'll prove you wrong. We'll both find out in time if they're lies, lies, lies, lies, lieeeeeeeees.
They could be lies, lies, lies, lies, lieeeeeees
I won't let them be lies, lies, lies, lies, lieeeeeeeees
I'm doing fine.

(You sicken me. You can't always rely on a catchy tune to solve your problems)