Thomas sanders contempible me lyrics

Gee, contemptible me,
Your pal of your theses, your distasteful festivity

Oh I've no desire to destroy you
I'll nonetheless likely annoy you
It's hard to avoid when I'm acting so contemptibly

Sigh, This disagreeable guy,
Some call me funny
Some scummy
And I'll tell you why
On one part contemptible outlook
And seventeen parts doing evil stuff-

Oh, you wanna be friends with me? No? Oh, goodbye!

Hey, I just wanna say
If a stereotypical villain is see-through that way

Get off my lawn! Get off!
Get off my lawn! Get off!
Get off my lawn! Get off!

I'm contemptibly glum
Hard to disguise it
I despise it
What I have become
Try to pretend I'm above it
But I think that the saddest part of it
Is when you're so contemptible
Nobody tries to see where you're coming from