The Clash The Prisoner Lyrics

the prisoner meets the muppet hi-fi

north of watford junction

we get in but we don’t have fun

an’ we leave before the truncheons

so it’s back to watch the day to day

saga of working people

hanging out the washing and clipping coupons

and generally being decent

johnny too bad meets johnny be good

in the charing cross road

that’s the only thing that happened today

says the west end jungle code

and all the germans and all the french

jam themselves down the tube

and re-enact the second world war

while the rude boys get rude!

and i look to my left

and i look to my right

and i’m looking for a man

i’m looking for a sign

i don’t wanna be the prisoner

the prisoner lives in camden town

selling revolution

the prisoner loads his tracking arm up

with self-disillusion

your mother does the washing up

your old man digs the garden

you’re only free to dodge the cops

an’ bunk the train to stardom