The Airborne Toxic Event This Is Nowhere Lyrics

We all sit on the curb

And we stare at the rain in our boots

The cars, the clouds, the sky

While Ishmael wraps himself in his sheet again

He’ll clench his fists and close his eyes

I don’t know how many times I can loan him my cigarettes

When I don’t even know if he’s alive

Do prophets lie?

It makes me feel less horrified

And my closet is filled with

All these endless accoutrements:

These shoes, these scarves, these shirts, these ties

And these things I say to make myself feel good again

“I’ll speak, I’ll write, I’ll laugh, I’ll lie”

I can’t bear to sit here and drink myself sick again

Another night

When everything I know was just a lie

And I don’t even know where I’ll sleep tonight

I got nothing to do but stare at these walls

And take some time to screw my head on right

We all ended up alone, wasted here in Silver Lake

We’ll work, we’ll think, we’ll change, we’ll try

I can’t make any sense of this or you or anything

I’m wide awake, and all our parents lied

It’s not all right, when all our words collide

We’re awake all night