The Airborne Toxic Event Cocaine And Abel Lyrics

And the second time,

You asked me to do the line,

You offered it so graciously.

So I think, what harm could be for me?

And you’re sure that this won’t last?

And this stuff sure works fast!

It’s like opening a vein,

And bleeding out my brain, brain, brain.

I love you too,

But I really love your shoes.

You look stunning decked in red.

Wait, what was it that I said?

And are you happy to be alive?

Are you frightened someday you’ll die?

Are you sharp?

Are you dull?

Are you that tiny sober dot,

At the center of my fevered skull?

Oh, no

When the conversation ends,

What happens when the conversation ends?

Oh tell me when the conversation ends,

Oh please don’t let this conversation end.

Jacoby, do you like to ski?

Do you like Kurt Vonnegut?

Do you like me?

Do you always quote Dostoevsky,

Or only when you snort a key, key, key?

I feel so sick.

Please don’t tell me this is it.

You gave me such a fright.

And let’s dance like ghosts,

Let’s haunt ourselves tonight.