The Airborne Toxic Event Change And Change And Change And Change Lyrics

“You’re totally ignoring me,” she said as she put on her shirt

I was lying on the bed, concentrating on her skirt

“Did you hear one word I said?” she said

“I don’t know, it’s all a blur”

I close my eyes

We fell in love in a great big rush

Three years ago this June, I do recall

Playing arcade games with her

And wanting nothing at all

Just this silly skinny girl

Who tended to trip and fall

On her lies

But then summer came and we felt the strain

Of the damning things we’d said

All the summer rains like hurricanes

That flew around our heads

All the endless conversations, you know

Like the things you could’ve done alone

Instead, instead, instead, instead, instead

So I fucked it up like I always do, I was born to be alone

I don’t even know if the words were true that I screamed into the phone

All I know is everybody leaves or so it seems to me

When I’m alone, alone, alone, alone, alone

But I was younger then and stronger then, somehow I can’t explain

How these years can be so humbling, so strangely full of pain

Just how everyone and everything must change and change and change and change

And change and change and change

Just like that

Sometimes I feel just like a train that’s running off the tracks

And sometimes I think I’ve said too many things I can’t take back

And sometimes it seems like everything I do is just a waste

In fact, that’s it, I think oh wait, I’m sure

But I’m trying every morning that I wake to stand up straight

And to always tell the truth and give back more than I take

And to be kind and pure, less fucking scared of everything

I just can’t take much more of this, I’m sure