Tech n9ne dwamn lyrics

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Speak of my language
People I hang with
You can't find this in ya big book
Never heard before
My crew bitch look

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
Hellurr, straight crown and a burrr
And after I'm finished you know I'm a drink some murrr
But I got 20/20 vision when I'm pitchin, listen
I spot them chickens never slippin like a transmission
You like Baileys, I like ladies, I'm quite crazy
And maybe a little shady to hit tonight baby
Cookies, I gotta bang, they wanna hang, with a real nigga
All day, everyday, by myself, not a gang
Wanna go night-night nigga
I'm a so nice I lit up, like a swisher
I don't know why I bit her
We won't stroke by my ni-nuts, Papa getcha
Wi-wi-wi-witch if you hide the puta
Away from me then you can blow me, like a hookah
They know I'm a crowded prusta
On the pooty tang, ya booty bang
And I wish I was your loofah
Oooh, you're sweeter than Dean and DeLuca
Trying to boost ya, this my number that I shoot ya

So hot I need a fan on me (uhhuh), everybody wanna land on me (uhhuh)
So c'mon and put ya hand on me (uhhuh), now what's damn with a wam on it?
DWAAAAAMN! like bam like blaow like
DWAAAAAMN! like blam like wow like
DWAAAAAMN! Say bitch (say what?)
Okay Ma'am, that's enough to make the whole spot say "DWAAAAAMN!"

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Sound like when somebody get hit on Batman
Always looking for the pussy - CAT-scan
Booty's always being watched - black man
Never be caught messing around in the flat-land
I solemnly swear to beat punini
Jiggly jello off in a petite bikini
Women wating in line to meet my weenie
Wanna see me go Gandolfini
Won't you let me reach the creamy
Ain't nobody got time for that
But I got time for getting you behind the clap
Brian Dennis made nina put the dwamn on the DWIIITCH
We drinkin'
We thinkin'
We linkin' with ladies cause they winkin'
Now I can say "damn" but that ain't big
Saying "dwamn" say you seen a whole lot dick


I cross my heart like a p-coat
If you bring it here I'm a throw c-notes
Let me flow of in your water like a sea boat
She choked, guess she didn't have a deep throat

Dwamn is when it's impressive
Dwamn is when you seeing some one on some next shit
Dwamn is when you listening to nina-tech spit - that's it
But look on the big rump on that bitch!

Girl I ain't seen in a while
No longer teen in her style
Butt seams and jeans in a blouse
Like bam. Like blaow. Like blam. Like wow. Like DWAMN.