Tata young superhypnotic lyrics

Call this fascination
You keep goin''round inside my head
You're like a song that's playin' on and on

Tell me how you did it
Got the whole room spinnin'
My body starts to shake
With every breath you take

Boom Boom Boom
You got your arms around me holding tight
Boom Boom Boom
Anything you wanna do
I'm with you tonight

Slowly moving into position
Like a beat from a kick drum
You're so boom boom superhypnotic
Floating from the floor to the ceiling
You know I got to feel it
One more time, rewind that's right superhypnotic

Don't stop what you're doing
The vibe will be ruined
Just keep movie' on the one, the three baby

It's so absolutely
Right on point how you move me
Attracted like a magnet
I could get used to this



And I'm mesmerized each and every time
I feel your fingertips
Run up and down my skin

So I close my eyes, realize
I belong to you
And I can't help but just give in

[Chorus x2]