Sylvan Esso Wolf Lyrics

The modern wolf

He’s kinder

But see him weep

It’s a reminder

Don’t wear no suits

We’re talking t-shirts

See how he glides

Makes women shiver

Ahoooooo, Ahoooooo

He ain’t no Jack

His voice is smoother

Been bending notes

Just like his father

Ahooo but no birds or beasts does he eat

He only wants the tenderest meat

And oh the sounds he makes them speak

Under all different patterns of sheets

Colors blind

Oh, dopamine

And she looked so good when they were last seen

Ahoooooo, Ahoooooo

The modern wolf, the modern wolf

Dripping in all the lives that he took

He’ll go on home

Try to wash them off

But when he shaves he hears them call

Ahoooooo, Ahoooooo