Supertramp Thing For You Lyrics

Oh Lordy I got to feelin’ so cold

You know the mornin’ it ain’t too good for my soul I’ve

been workin’ in some faraway place I got to thinkin’

’bout your sweet smilin’ face I got a thing for you I’m

gonna change all my ways I’m gonna get off the road I’m

gonna lighten my load I got a thing for you Can you

feel it too Think I better slow down All my wandering’s

done I found my place in the sun

Ah woman, why d’you treat me this way

You don’t believe a single word that I say

But it’s the truth now, you know I’ll be home for good

So what’s with you now, I thought that you understood

I got a thing for you…

There ain’t a woman alive could ever come close to you

I won’t know how to survive, so don’t you fade from my

view You say I’m putting you on and soon I’ll be on my

way Well woman you’re wrong and that is all I can say

All I can say

I got a thing for you…