Supertramp It’s Alright Lyrics

I want you in my arms tonight

You know you whet my appetite

It might be wrong for us to care

And maybe something’s in the air

But if the world is unaware

It’s alright, please say it’s alright

You’ll be mine tonight, it’s going to be alright

I won’t care if we fall in love

I’ll be happy with the memory of

The thought of just one night of bliss

We can’t give up a chance like this

So just go on and whisper it’s

It’s alright…

I want you in my arms tonight

You know you set my heart alight

It can’t be like this everyday

And soon you’ll be so far away

So now I want to hear you say

It’s alright…

Don’t want to make a main feature with you

Ah but you know there’s a time and a place

You can’t resist it when you’re feeling it too

I can tell by the smile on your face

We both know that it will be OK

So don’t you let this moment slip away

Don’t have a problem when it’s all in the mind

Yes but we can make it very very real this time