Sugar Jones Keep On Walkin’ Lyrics

Keep on walkin’

Keep on walkin’

See, see me walkin’ down the street, tryin’ to make me look at you

You ain’t got nothing’ better to do, cause

I’d rather hang with my ladies, then to have to deal with you

I told that I don’t have the time for you



why, why you wanna talk to me, I know

You wanna see me plead

All I gotta say is keep on walkin’

Prove, what the hell I got to prove, I’m a girl

who seeks the truth

All I gotta say is keep on walkin’

Tonight, you see me at the club again

You know I’m not lookin’ to find

I just came to have a good time, hey

I, just cause I’m not like you, ya gotta act like a fool

Nothin’ I can say to you, oh you (DOn’t even)

Try to get down with me (Uh uh)

Try to be my baby (No way)

Try to get next to me, oh me (DOn’t go there)

Try to start s**t with me (Don’t try)

Try to get fresh with me (Uh huh)

Try to ruin my party, hey yeah

[Chorus 2 times]

I know you want to see that secret side of me

But that will never be, oh…never be

Inside I’m finally free

Don’t need to prove a thing

YOu wanna step, just keep walkin’

[Chorus to fade]