Sugar Jones It’s Like Ice Cream Lyrics

Laying next to you, everything’s so right

Diggin’ on the rush, ain’t this the life

The way you do me ooh takes me to the moon,

Next thing I know, morning came too soon

But I will not forget, The memory of your scent.

It’s like ice cream on a summer’s day just melting through my fingers

Boy it’s like your honey kisses, how they always seem to linger

It’s just like that perfect moment that you wish would last forever,

That what it feels like, that’s what it feels like.

Wake up out of bed, gotta start my day,

You’re still in my head, and I just can’t complain.

I don’t think that I can last 8 hours withou you

But what am I to do, baby ooh..

It’s like heaven shining on me,

And I just can’t help but wanting,

To be right there where you are.