Stormzy WickedSkengMan 4 Lyrics

Wait two secs, let me spark this zoot

My niggas, they don’t tark, they shoot

Roll up slow, then I park that coupe

And the game got fucked by the darkskin yout

Oh well, should’ve been watching

He was gone by the time that they clocked him


What’s the last one? Yeah, #PROBLEM

They should’ve stopped him, I don’t run out of bars

Just like Chip, I don’t run out of bars

Walk in the rave , put the glass to your face

Look, I make fuckboys run out of bars

Big 45 might bun out your clart

No safety, that might dun out your dance

Knock on your door like oi rudeboy, look

Forget the hype, just come out the yard

See the lightskin girls used to cuss me

Now the lightskin girls, they love me

Word to J Hus, man are ugly

But this rap ting’s sick, man, trust me

Nobody can’t claim that they buss me

Cuh man was out there on a fuckery

Plus we don’t even tark too much

That’s the reason why your girl wanna fuck me

I don’t really care about your friend

Bare likkle fish never been on the ends

Yeah, you go hard but we go harder

You shut down but nigga, I leng

You turn up but nigga, I rep

Why do man love getting me vexed?

Here for the lightskin girl with the big bumper

And the black bredrin with the breasts

So if you got a BET, bring it out

Oh, you don’t? Shut your mouth

Man just chat shit, i cut em out

Know where I come from, I’m from the south

Fuck up my house, peak when I press play

Niggas go gym but they’re missing out leg day

My worst days are some of your best days

Punch a grime MC off his segway, pussyhole

Look, Don’t make me slap you

Like, like, wait till I catch you

Like, man are like “that’s that black yout”

Went Jools Holland in my tracksuit

Rep for the scene like yeah man, I had to

Just run a sick beat I can rap to

Everybody calm down, it’s a tracksuit

What the fuck, man? I ain’t gonna stab you

Look, I don’t wanna argue

But if you talk shit, man’ll par you

Look at the size of my fist, I will spark you

I’m the grime scene’s Lukaku

6’5″ black guy, mad fly, put me up top

Man down, everybody down when I buss shots

Jump onstage, bare rage when my dub drop

You did grime for a sec, then you fucked off

Rap boys hate me cuh I do grime

Grime boys hate me cuh I do rap

Good youts hate me cuh I’m too cruddy

Bad youts hate me cuh I don’t trap

Fake youts hate me cuh I’m too real

And the real youts hate me cuh I don’t act

Well, um…

Suck your mum, yeah, go and do that

My name’s Michael, Big Stormz

I like peng tings, I like porn

I’ve got a 16 bar full of corn

I breathe fire every time I yawn

Stormzy’s this, Stormzy’s that

Stormzy’s blick, Stormzy’s black

Stormzy’s hairline’s going way back

But I still fuck your girl, go and retweet that little nigga, yo

Man are saying that I blew up too fast

Man are saying that I came up too quick

Rudeboy, look on the YouTube, darg

Mandem are putting in the graveyard shift

Dem man there straight wash

Brudda, don’t blame me, go and blame God

Every MC wan’ try and take shots

Tell ’em boy there hard work pays off

Anyway, everybody wanna do grime now

Real talk, let’s not lie now

Yeah, look brudda, this my house

That’s my laptop, that’s my sound

That’s my people, that’s my crowd

That’s my kingdom, that’s my crown

Look, one phone call, man’ll fly around

I lay one vocal then I sign out, anyway

Go Bluejays for a lunch and a brekky

Make that thing bu-bu-bang like Fekky

Got mad still with the ting, I’m TECCy

Onstage, go back to back with Skeppy

When I’m on the ball, I’m cool like Messi

Man just talk, don’t talk, be steady

Tell ’em that I’m down for the war, I’m ready

Them man change circles, they’re jezzys