Stormzy Street Starz Freestyle Lyrics

They don’t bang they claim they do

Got more grade than an Asian yute

Old school, old to mans been local

Listen to lay dem spray dem crew

I’m never in a ravin’ mood

But the sub goes boom like Katie’s tune

Couple friends are paigons too

But I still back beef like Raymond do

Or should I say like Raymond does

Calm but I still get a paigon touched

All ten gangsters got no heart

So we call dem man “they’re half way tugs”

Got a semi like my dicks half way up

One par me when the park game sucks

Come from a part of the town where dons move brown and some move class A drugs

But – but let me get back to the point

Too sick never sound whack on a joint

Didn’t wanna go back to back with the boy

‘Cos these dry MC’s are actually moist

Yeah, with a few dons I know do this ting

They thought that shit will change cah Stormzy’s back on this music ting

Nah bruh, tap my name on you let these niggas know

And I know it’s dumb but I just wanna see how far she’ll go

And I know I’m young but they’re gonna see how fast I blow

And I don’t mean run when I say I’ll blow

I mean that it’s off to the charts I go

But – but let me get back to the track

Get cash put that straight in the sack

Skinny man but I got weight on my back

Sorta powered up put a chain on the track

Racks on racks, cah all of us get racks get wrapped

Listen, oi, alright listen

But it’s easy to push to me

Said the raves hard, shouldn’t have shubz to me

Move to the girl, said she was facey

That’s weird, she weren’t even stush to me

I stay calm don’t even look to beef

I make P, venues look to be booking me

Wife said it was the best beat of her life like

Nah fam she was just a couple jook to me

Nah, wait can’t chat shit to me

Or come on some bad boy tip to me

Cah I spray bare, call me a Mayfair

Half of these MC’s come like Chip to me

Big boys nah they kiss to me

Talk shit cousin your history

Mandem always watchin’ my face

Oi merks, do I got tits on me

Make up, red lipstick on me

Nah do I look like –

Listen, Street Starz, ya dano what it is already ye

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