Stormzy Intro Lyrics

Look how far we’ve come

Sitting on my car with [?]

He told me that it’s coming real soon

Like one more bang and then I swear you’re gone

I said fuck that, man, you’re coming up too

What’s a man like me without his right hand man?

Cuh brudda you was there from the get-go

I’mma help you anytime that I can

Yeah I’mma help you anytime that you need me

Just be right there anytime I stand

Now I’ll get the Porsches, Range and the Bentleys

To come pick us up every time we land

When them washed up dons tried to beef me

Brudda you was there every time I banged

I’ve had some real niggas feed me

I swear man I’ll never ever bite that hand

Look nigga I was gassed when Skepta tweeted my tune

Just the fact that he’s seen my stuff

Cause when you’re coming from the bottom like me

Little things like that, man, they mean so much

When you’re coming from the place I was raised up

Everybody knows that the grind don’t stop

Just waiting for the day when [?] says let’s buy a plane

And I say “yeah, fuck it, why not”

Now niggas wanna jump on the wave and I’m telling man straight

Man, you weren’t never part of the club

I started ranting and raving

And Flipz said don’t even talk too much

Flipz said remember the talks that we had on the roads

And never lose sight of the dream

I said yo brother, this is bigger than me now

I need to provide for the team

I need to give notes to my sisters

I need to buy mumsy a fan

And buy yards for the mandem

I do this for Elias and Brandon

So don’t ever try tell me I’m selfish

I do this shit for the ones that I love

I do this for my bros cause they got me

Yeah, I do this for the ones that I trust

But nigga a change is coming

Yeah that’s way overdue cause mumsy’s account was way overdrafted

Yeah I’ve got so much to prove and there’s so much to do

But I know where I started

And I know where I’m heading, yeah, look, I’ve got nothing to lose

And I’m still out here grafting

[?] has taught me a lesson, I told her I owe it to you cuh

Boy, this shit’s been a struggle ever since we were kids

Coming home late, not even a penny to my name

Wouldn’t even bother looking in the fridge

I ain’t ever been the type of guy to complain

You don’t even ever me rapping ’bout pain

Yeah man we’ve all got demons

So I can’t hold feelings, I just knuckle up and then I pray

Just imagine if I didn’t buss that case

Just imagine if I caught bus that day

Mum’s life, I was in a rush that day

Swear man I’ll never lose trust and faith

So sorry if I come across angry

If I love you there’s no need to fight me

I’m just trying to be all that I can be

I just hope I bring it home for the family