Stormzy In For The Kill Lyrics

[La Roux:]

We can fight our desires, ooh

But when we start making fires

We get ever so hot, ooh

Whether we like it or not

They say we can love who we trust, ooh

But what is love without lust

Two hearts with accurate devotion, ooh

What are feelings without emotions?

[Chorus – La Roux:]

I’m going in for the kill

I’m doing it for a thrill

Oh, I’m hoping you’ll understand

And not let go of my hand


Jack played me the beat, I was gassed

Then he asked “what you gonna do when you rap to the tune?”

I said hold on, let me just spaz

I’mma go mad, turn the whole thing up in my speaker

Let me tear the whole ting down, fuck a feature

Jumping around in my house, [?]

Cause he gotta calm down, take a breather

Peng tings on the WhatsApp, peng tings on my BB too

Fuckboys wanna see me lose, shine bright like RiRi’s tune

Still got an item in a rucksack, but now I’ve got CDs too

Ayy, look fuckboy, be you, if you say you’ve done that then I must’ve, me too

[?] Wretch man if I’m 32

Still got love for my CDs too

Wanna beef [?] Gotta beef me too

Wanna squeeze that Jack? Then I’m squeezing too

Wanna speak and chat but you’re beefing who?

Beefing me? Niggas couldn’t beef my crew

They can’t make a one decent tune

Leave it, tell your boys leave it too

I’m going in deep, going in real like

Check 1-2, check 2 one time

Got a few dons who love gun crime

Got a few dons who run [?]

Go hard for my dons who ain’t done time

All of my dons hate that I’m unsigned

Told em that it’s soon my time

Check 1-2, check 2 one time

I make these rappers wanna retire

Ooh, cause I just spit that nice fire