Stormzy First Things First Lyrics

Like, alright, first things first, I’ve been putting in the work

I’m a rebel with a cause (with a cause)

Had problems with the fam

I had problems with the gang

But I put that shit on pause (put that shit on pause)

I’ve been gone for a while but I saw you niggas smile

When I cancelled all my tours (little pussies)

Someone tell ’em that I’m back

I don’t never ever slack, grab my gun and go to war (boy)

I got brothers up in jail, going mad up in their cells

When you hear me, bang your doors (bang your doors)

Niggas moving chatty, someone tell them that I’m scatty

Bro, I’ll pull up uninsured like (skkkkkrrr)

Running through my strip, rappers jumping on my dick

Just to build up a rapport (it’s embarrassing)

I can tell them man are bitter

But they’re begging it on Twitter, man, I swear I’m so appalled

Before he takes a shot, I’ll shoot him first (shoot him first)

And poor mum, we was going through her purse (through her purse)

We were doing road and doing church

Looked the devil in his face like motherfucker, do your worst

Still here tryna’ find another blessing

I’m over-loyal man I’ll ride for what I’m repping

Dark times niggas dying in recession

You was fighting with your girl when I was fighting my depression, wait


Alright, first things first, coulda put you in a hearse

Man, I gave you boys a lifeline (lifeline)

I was scrolling through my tweets, had Adele up on repeat

And saw a madness on my timeline (on my timeline)

LBC’s tryna’ black ball me

And tryna’ blame your boy for knife crime (like what?)

I don’t use a shank, I got money in the bank

Man, I’d rather do a drive by (dickheads)

Mad, mad demons in my thoughts

Young Stormz wasn’t ready for the limelight (he wasn’t ready)

Took a little break from the game, started praying

Man, I had to get my mind right (started praying)

All black clothes till I shine bright

Full beams fucking up my eyesight

They hate me on the sly

But I bet you if I died, you would see em at my night night (fake youts)

They asking if I’m real, I’m real enough (‘nough)

Still got a couple killers in the cut (cut)

If he’s coming nice

I big him up, drugs kill

But my niggas make a killing off a drug (aye)

Rapping like I’m jigga but I’m puff (puff)

Westend wanna show a nigga love (love)

But if it weren’t me you would never let my niggas in the club

Fuck DSTRKT and fuck all these nightclubs

And fuck giving money to people that don’t like us

There’s riots in the city just tell me where I sign up

The rave goes silly every time I pick the mic up (whoa)

I got smoke, you can hold a bit

A coloured brother with a bone to pick

But I still get to gunning, don’t be running when I bang mine

Before we said our prayers, there was gang signs (gang signs)