Stormzy Daily Duppy Pt. 1 Lyrics

Hunger in my belly got me gunning for ’em

Someone go and tell ’em that I’m coming for ’em

Yeah bro, I’m the leader of the new school

They’re looking at the new kid like everybody’s running from him

Everybody’s scared now, everybody’s shook

Everybody’s turnt down, everybody looks

They wanna downplay my achievements

But please, let’s not try and stunt like everybody could

Look man, I put in the work, rate me a little

I was doing shows for the perks, pay me a little

Little piggy wants to get hurt, stay in the middle

When you bruddas never put in the dirt, you’re playing the fiddle

Wanna talk about grinding? You wanna talk about grafting?

Cool, let’s talk about that then

Young boy spraying like a MAC-10, reminiscing back when

Niggas went and had me on the back bench

I do whatever feels right, hear these rappers talking

I’m just thinking I could kill you when I feel like

Hit em with that real life, I say what I want

Real talk, everybody wants to kill Mike

Cause right now I’m looking like a belly

Tell them niggas shut up man, I’ll do it when I’m ready

Tell them niggas ‘llow me, I ain’t coming out my house

Yeah, [?] was cold but it’s colder in the south

Do you know who you’re ’bout?

Trust me, I’m humble till I grab the mic

And trust me, I’m calm until I hit the stage

Cause I can keep it cool when all the man dem’s hyped

But when it comes to music, I don’t fucking play

Cause if my mummy loses, then it’s my fault

And you thought this was easy? That’s what I thought

But everything that glitters ain’t gold

And most these niggas ain’t your bros

Tricky, fam, I know, shit seems real but it never is

Talk about a life but you never live

Every week, man, I have to restart

But it’s like they confuse my clean heart for begging it

But that says a lot about you

Tells me that you might’ve had some trouble as a yout

It’s like these niggas hate me cause there’s nothing left to do

But cuzzy I ain’t stressing, I am comfy, I’m the truth

They’ve just got a point to prove, niggas so weak

All these niggas street, why you niggas just tweet?

If all these niggas sheep then I’m Little Bo Peep

Coming through with something if you niggas so street

But you’re washed niggas, get up on your job, nigga