Stormzy Crazy Titch (Interlude) Lyrics


Yo gang

(Yes my brother)

You still don’t sound sure

(Na, na I’m in the booth right now, right now)

(I’m in here right now)

Alright, let’s start then

Alright look, let’s just get one thing clear, I don’t fuck about

I am the certi’ one

I am the one that they call ‘Gangster of Grime’

I don’t like it but I don’t mind it

But I need everyone to know, and I’m not just talking about the hood, I ain’t just talking about the basics

I’m talking about the whole island of this country, needs to understand what is about to happen

If you put all bias aside, Stormzy has to be Neo, he has to be

So therefore that makes me Morpheus so I’m telling the council right now

This kid, no joke, you can hate him all you want

This kid has to be seeing the game in zeros and ones, like, it’s not normal, it’s not normal


(Mad bro)

Na, I like that one, no I like that one

And I don’t even know what a hashtag is, I just know it’s proper Merky

You know a hashtag’s a bit more advanced than me

But what people do need to understand is, you see anyone from my era of grime, need to recognise

That if you cannot fathom that this guy’s about to take it from a second rate genre to a first rate genre

Then you need to look at yourself and be ashamed, seriously, you have to be ashamed

Because we started from the roots of this ting


Now we’ve gone past the roots, it’s a whole digital age, we don’t need the middle man

Mr. Smith is nearly obsolete, we don’t need those label ones again


We can actually just shot it ourselves and cut through

So everyone needs to understand that when I’m telling you, and I’m certi’, my name’s Crazy Titch, I’m definitely one million percent certified

I know certi’ guys from all over, Brum, Manchester, Notts, Sheffield, Leeds, Manny, Liverpool

These people all say the same thing, ‘We don’t really even know what grime is but we know who Stormzy is’

You know like, so, I don’t wanna hear man say ‘I’m too gangster listening to Stormzy’

Shut up, that’s a lie, you ain’t

You know them ones right there

(Hahaha, word)

It just means you’re a hater, na real talk, it just means you’re a hater

You know what, that’s what it is, this is my opinion and it is my opinion, I don’t care what no one says

Real talk, those old guys that don’t wanna bring him in

Whatever man, fuck yourself man, you know like real talk

(Mad brother)

Get a Coke and a smile man, seriously, don’t play them round there, know mine brudda

All them other side crap guys better just shut their mouth, you get what I’m trying to say

Yeah man, there you go

(Fucking Crazy Titch, my brother, oi listen, hahaha oi, what)