Steve Winwood Plenty Lovin’ Lyrics

Oh baby I had to think things through

I never needed love when I was all by myself

Now comes the time I know it’s gotta be you

Oh baby, now I need your help

Ooh come on now baby

I wanna give some special time to you now

Cos ooh, when you touch me

Got a feelin’ I can’t hide

Now I know all I need is you

You’re my reason for stayin’ alive

I know that it’s real, I feel it inside

Come on now, let’s not wait

Gimme plenty lovin’, Gimme plenty lovin’

Gimme plenty lovin’, every day, every night, come on, baby

Oh baby, you know we’ll be apart

We gotta make up on love till I’ll be with you again

Thinking of you, the feeling in my heart

Let’s start doin’ what we do till then

Ooh, I’m hearin’ what you say

We gotta make the most of it for us now, baby

Now we’re together, I’ll be holding you tonight

Just can’t stay any longer

You’re my only true soul mate

The day’s almost gone, but night is still ahead

Come on now, don’t hesitate