Steve Winwood Just Wanna Have Some Fun Lyrics

Oh what a shambles has been my day

I know I have to go to work but I wanna play

Well, I’m lookin’ at my watch and it’s almost half past three

And it’s time for tea

And I don’t want nobody tellin’

Trying to tell me

What I have to do and what I have to be

You know I just wanna have some fun

Yeah now, come on and have a party

Yeah, well, have some fun

Let me tell you now

All through the day the night’s been on my mind

Now I’ve got myself together, baby, and you’re lookin’ fine, so fine

And I’m lookin’ at my watch and it’s almost half past eight

Now then don’t be late

I don’t want nobody tellin’

Telling me and you

Who we have to be or what we have to do

I know you’ve got some lovin’, it’s something we can share

We’re gonna have a big night out, even if they say we ain’t goin’ nowhere

I see you walkin’ to my car, lookin’ like something sweet to eat

Girl, you’re my brightest star.

Come on now, let’s get it. Let’s get it.

Everybody on the dance floor, everybody get up

Everybody keep movin’, let’s have some fun