Soulja Slim Slim Pimpin’ Lyrics

[Soulja Slim]

Yep, I need a top boss bitch in my factory, ya heard me, my boss bitch

They say dat we was of tha same kind & ain’t lyin’

But at dat time I did shit to fuck ya like you was mine

Turn tha ghetto bitch boss & let her floss

It don’t make dollars it don’t make sense dat pussy cost

Break it off & when you get it brang it to me

Split it down tha middle, you get 2 I get 3

I wouldn’t call it pimpin’, they thank pimpin’ played out

Still tha same cept Soulja Slim shit layed out

Put cha on your feet to keep ya neat, nigga speak

Not only dat she make a nigga wanna eat

Nigga tweak for a big booty & a smile

Might hurt me later on but don’t hurt now

Sendin’ good pussy on this mission to fuck this faker

Figure maker, perpatraitor, a soulja hater

Thank he boss cause he fuckin’ my ghetto hoe

But I’m off in his baby momma & tha nigga never know

An I’m slick side doggin’ it at random

Met her at Bayou Classic, when Southern played Gramblin’

She was pushin’ yo Expedition, tell me if I’m wrong?

Tha bitch tinted, grill fitted, sittin’ on chrome

Followed me home in yo shit, tore tha pussy up

Bust a nut, left a soulja rag in tha truck

remember dat, dat was me, actually

I did it on G-P for tha dog nigga up in me

[Chorus x2: Soulja Slim]

All hoes get layed, boss bitches get paid

I see somethin’ in ya, we can blow up like tha world trade

Slang dat ass, make dat cash, brang it back to me

You be tha top boss bitch up in my factory

[Soulja Slim]

Now back to my hoe I lie to, said I die for,

My whole life I thank I cried enough

Still hype enough to keep my paper steady comin’

Heads up, where they at? I hear ’em drummin’

I’m hotter than tha gun dat killed Martin Luther King

That why tha fuck I can’t floss on Narizen

Dat light green sticky sticky got my vision blurry

Head buried underground, feel like I smoked a pound

Shake down, give it up, drop it like it’s hot

Me & tha Bossalinie close & open up shop

It’s understood dat you ain’t nothin’ but my boss bitch

Double cross me get cha head knocked off bitch

To tha river ya go buck naked wit out no clothes

Bullet lodged to ya dome, bust open asshole

Disrespect tha code get ya self fucked over

Got cha pysched all tha way out there behind Soulja

I played them hoes, I’m a cold blooded ass nigga

I done it to ya girl, look here don’t get mad nigga

I done dat bad nigga but fuck you know what’s happ’n

I lay ya down, I’m a dog here besides rappin’